02.07.2018 – We’re in Koala Country, New South Wales

We are tiring of seeing all the “Watch out for Koala” signs as we travel New South Wales and not seeing any koalas.  (Mike’s sick of hearing it’s on Lee’s bucket list to see a koala in the wild.)

Lee stumbled on a web site map of koala sightings and decided on a specific area where there have been 129 sightings. Unfortunately the web site doesn’t say in what time span, nor whether it is the same koala x 129 sightings.

So our next stop was Tilligerry Habitat at Tanilba Bay which is an open reserve with walks through it. The walks along the Bay and in Tilligerry Habitat are beautiful – and still, no koalas.

IMG_9193 (R).jpg


We were starting to believe it was another lost cause when Mike asked two local women on their morning walk, whether they had seen any koalas in the habitat.  They knew of two. The koalas tend to stay in their area and it didn’t take the ladies long to locate them for us at different sections of the reserve.





Sleepy Koala No. 1 found about 8 metres high near the bay.

IMG_2623 (R) (2)


Koala No. 2 – about 5 metres above the ground, well awake and eating.

IMG_2659 (R) (2).jpg

IMG_2674 (F).jpg

Bucket List:  Koala in the Wild 


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