01.07.2018 – Nelson Bay, New South Wales

Following our trip on the Ferry from Tea Gardens to Nelson Bay, we had several hours to explore the Bay before our return trip. From where the ferry docked at the Jetty just inside the entrance to the harbour, we strolled along the foreshore picnic area to the town and then made our way back towards the Marina.  On the way, was a memorial area where a flock of white cockatoos reigned supreme on the grass. A couple of the cockatoos were intent on destroying some bark laying on the ground and fighting over it.

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Plenty of shops, cafes and a gallery were at the marina and an area marked to feed the fish that could be seen in the clear water, coming up for their meal.  We enjoyed the walk around the marina and along the outer rock wall where many people were fishing.

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Retracing our steps along the bay, we walked towards Fly Point and through part of some parkland where there was a pop-up market. There, the stand raising money for the Delta Society – with some of their fabulous therapy dogs. Great project. Proud to donate.

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