30.06.2018 – Whale Watching with Amaroo Cruises from Forster, New South Wales

We can’t speak highly enough of the crew of Amaroo Cruises for their professionalism and friendliness.  We thoroughly enjoyed our cruise of Wallis Lake and Estuary to the sea for some whale watching, made better by the attentive crew. This was the first time we have been on a whale watching cruise.

IMG_2158 (R)

We didn’t have to travel out to sea as far as we had expected, before sighting our first pod of hump back whales.  There were several pods in the area and we enjoyed a long time watching them.  They were watching us too, coming under the water to our boat and surfacing very close to it.  Absolute magic!

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A whale appeared near the side of the boat, coming out of the water tail first!

And if that wasn’t enough, in came a large pod of dophins moving very fast, rounding up fish.  We were waiting for David Attenborough to appear!

We want to go again!



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