25.06.2018 – Back to Wingham, NSW

It is not just the fabulous views of the Manning River and the Brush Nature Reserve that bring us back.  The people here are all very friendly.  AND there’s a great bakery:  McKeoughs Cake Shop – which we visited each day.

IMG_1894 (R)

Wingham Central Park in town is a huge grassed area which was used in WWI and WWII as a muster point for military personnel recruited for the defences forces for overseas postings.  On one corner, a commemoration to the Centenary of ANZAC including a seedling pine tree cultivated from the original tree in Canberra which had been cultivated from a pine cone brought back from the Battle of Lone Pine Ridge in Gallipoli, 6.August 1915.  This history and of the Wingham Central Park is set out nearby with photos.

IMG_1883 (R) (2)

On one side of Wingham Central Park and opposite the Wingham Services Club, a Vampire Jet appears to be taking off over the Club.

IMG_1893 (R)

A few more photos from around the town:

And what did one horse say to the other horse?

IMG_1880 (R).jpg