23.06.2018 – Tapin Tops National Park – Dingo Tops Campgrounds, NSW

From Ellenborough Falls we drove the 25 kms of dirt road to Dingo Tops Campgrounds within Tapin Tops National Park, travelling around from one side of a mountain to another, admiring the great views and just a little tentative about the very long drops into the valleys at the side of our vehicle. We had imagined taking about a 30.minute trip but with the narrow gravel road, bumpy in sections with some pot holes, our trip was well over an hour.  We were grateful not to meet any other traffic, apart from some lyre birds darting across the road, their long tails trailing behind them.

We had planned to camp at the Dingo Tops Campgrounds for five days to enable Lee to work; Mike to go fossicking at nearby Dingo State Forest and do some exploring of the National Park.  Telstra’s coverage chart indicated we would get good coverage. Once again, the coverage chart let us down.  Yes, a signal but only two bars and not enough for Lee to get her work downloaded via email – even with the aerial on the motor home. We were very disappointed with this revelation as it looked to be a great place to camp with walks leading from the site and apparently a lot of wildlife.  Another time.