23.06.2018 – Ellenborough Falls, NSW

Our friend, Reg, guided us from Wingham to the impressive Ellenborough Falls for a BBQ lunch. The Ellenborough Falls, with a single drop of 200.metres, is the second highest in Australia and the southern hemisphere.

IMG_1658 (R)
Head of the Falls up in the mountain tops

IMG_1662 (R)

It being such a long way down, we need another view point to be able to capture the falls in one photo.

IMG_1663 (R)

Lee led the way down the walk to the bottom of the falls.  On the way back, she let Reg and Mike lead the way so she could stop often TO TAKE PHOTOS!  (NOT because she was shattered by climbing back up 400.metres of elevated steps and ramps leading up from the Gorge!)  After our lunch, we took the easier walk to the Knoll lookout for some more photos.  Well worth all the walking and climbing up steps.

We were told by some other travellers that there was enough room for our rig to turn around at the falls.  Not so with the set-up we have – the Suzi on a caddy both can turn independently, if trying to reverse.  So Reg to the rescue, unhitching the caddy and him towing it with his vehicle, Mike turning the motorhome around and Reg bringing the caddy to the back of the motorhome.  Thanks Reg for your help and a great BBQ.

Recommendation:  Large motor homes – park outside the entrance to the Falls’ car parking, kiosk and picnic area.

All in all, a wonderful day and yet another place to add to our list of favourite places.

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Horizontal Falls – Ellenborough

(Rookie error!)