22.06.2018 – Wingham Riverside Reserve Campsite, NSW

We arrived early to the Wingham Riverside Reserve Campsite, positioned between the banks of the Manning River and Wingham Brush Nature Reserve, in time for some early morning photos.  What a fabulous vista!


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We thought it was an overnight rest area for self-contained vehicles, however discovered we were allowed to stay more than one night. We initially parked adjacent to the Brush Reserve and as we alighted from the vehicle, noticed a distinct odour. In the trees growing alongside the camping area, hundreds – nay, thousands of flying foxes. We moved later, away from the trees which made a difference as far as the odour was concerned, but this is a small area for parking RV’s. Once the sun set, the flying foxes all took to the air and the sky was filled with them. Not a place where one puts the awning out.


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Later in the day, we were welcomed by “Ron” – a friendly representative of the Wingham Advancement Group (Inc.), armed with maps and information about the area.

There are no fees, however there is a box with a request for donations and receipts (to give an idea of spending by visitors).

The area is easily accessible for our vehicles and has toilet facilities.  There is a boat ramp next to a floating pontoon-jetty and nearby, a purpose built table and water tap for cleaning fish (if Mike catches any).

It is a very busy place. Traffic in and out starts early with we presume locals, parking near the jetty and around the driveway alongside the grassed area by the river.  Small boats are launched and the pelicans fly in from across the river to greet them on their return, hopeful of some scraps.  Many people pass by on their walk for the day.  It is a well-used meeting area all through the day and after school, for mothers and their children.


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