June 2018 – Sorrento Quay – Hillarys Boat Harbour, WA

Hillarys Boat Harbour has been a family favourite of ours, we visiting there many times over the years and observing its development. AQWA – The Aquarium of Western Australia (https://www.aqwa.com.au/) is located at one end of the Harbour and has been visited by us again and again.  The Sorrento Quay Boardwalk with its large range of shops and food outlets, extends over the water. The area is a main tourist attraction for Perth  and a major meeting place for locals.  It never disappoints.

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As we were leaving Hillarys, Mike carried a small box of hot chips to our vehicle.  He was followed overhead by seagulls, one brazen enough to try and get some chips even as Mike was putting them inside the ute!