3.6.2018 – Golden Gully, Hill End

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On the way to Hill End

From Bathurst, we travelled north towards Sofala and then westwards to Hill End, a journey of about 80.kms and  the views as we climbed the hills, spectacular.   In some sections the road had been chiseled into the rocky hillsides and notices warned of falling rocks.

Not far from Hill End is Golden Gully – a short walking trail and listed on the State Heritage Register and named because of all the Golden Wattle that blooms along the gully in July.

With the 1851 gold rush in this area of Hill End – Tambaroora, European and Chinese miners sank shafts and dug to retrieve alluvial gold from a buried river bed. The intense fossicking caused massive changes to the landscape.  Subsequent erosion has turned Golden Gully into what it is today, exposing squarish European shafts and some round Chinese shafts (to prevent ghosts from hiding in the corners) in the dramatic landscape.  Apparently the Chinese didn’t sink their shafts further than 60.feet.  Scary stuff when looking at this shaft exposed from erosion.

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Atop some of the ridges, it’s only the tree roots holding the softer rocks and soil together and often the roots are exposed, showing the roots stretching to the base of the gully.

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And a significant feature of Golden Gully:  “The Arch”

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