25.05.2018 – Camping at Bathurst Showgrounds

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It’s well after sunrise and the morning mist lingers.

We decided to camp at Bathurst Showgrounds where we could use electricity to assist with heating the motorhome on the very cold nights.  $25 per night for a powered site and access to really hot showers!  Dump point available on the other side of the Showgrounds.

The showground is one of the earliest sites in New South Wales to have been used continually as a showground (since 1878) however there were some interruptions.

In 1916 the military occupied the Showgrounds.  The 1919 show was cancelled when the Government forbid large gatherings of people in an attempt to curb an influenza epidemic.  From 1942 to 1946 the Showgrounds were used as a training camp by the Army.

There are a large number of buildings, many built from the late 1800’s.  Every day, horses are exercising on the Showground track separated from the main camping area by the Grandstand and ‘Tote’ building.


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Clearly many people are involved in the upkeep of the Showgrounds, but the hardest worker?  He comes with his owner to assist with the cleaning around the grounds, but he’s only a little fella and tires easily.

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