19.05.2018 – On the road to Bathurst

IMG_0648 (R)
One of many dams in the area dry from the drought

Throughout the areas around Bathurst we have observed the dryness of the land.  Massive areas of what should be grazing for livestock are just dust and farmers are bringing in bales of hay to feed their cattle and sheep.  It is confronting to see.  It has been six months since rain in the area and it’s verging on winter!

On 19 and 20 May 2018 in Bathurst was the Lifeline Central West Book Fair (gold coin donation at the door) supported by the Lions Club, with funds raised going towards the continued provision of 24/7 telephone crisis support.  We visited and made our small contribution – it all adds up.

The approach to Bathurst from Sofala involves some descending winding roads, cut into the rocky hills and more great views.

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