Maintenance of your Home on Wheels

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It goes without saying that keeping your vehicle well maintained, prolongs its life, not to mention re-sale value.

Just like your residential home, your home on wheels will need maintenance and not just the motor, if you have one.

Like anything worth keeping, the old saying, “A stitch in time saves nine” is true.

Mike has cleaned, sanded and re-sealed wooden edgings to bench tops before the age, wear and tear damage was too great and they look like new again.  He has re-sealed around joins on the top of the motor home as a precaution to prevent water seeping in.

Previous owners of our motor home have kept it immaculate and well looked after, but age sucks.  We recently replaced our hot water system, reversing camera, hatch coverings, and some minor fittings.

The faded decorative striping and some old, yellowed and cracked covers on the outside of the motor home have now all been replaced.

Luckily, some of the work Mike could do himself.  Other work we have had done by Sydney RV Group or their associated sub-contractors.

And now we feel like we are in a new motor home! A far cry from our first home on wheels….

Our first caravan – 1977.  We were living in it at a caravan park south of Adelaide, and each of us were holding down a full time job, plus three part time jobs between us. This was our first attempt at a working holiday in Australia.  Looked after the old caravan, which came with a ‘cool box’ instead of a fridge, changing a few things and sold for a good price when we upgraded.  Augh! “The good ole days!”

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