13.05.2018 – Wattle Flat to Sofala NSW


IMG_0402 (2)

Wattle Flat was originally farming lands, until gold was discovered in the area and by 1855 it became a busy gold-rush town.

Where we camped the night was in the Wattle Flat Heritage Lands.  We stopped at the Wattle Flat General Store to pay our camping fee.  It was originally the Wattle Flat Bakery.  We met the very friendly owners of the store and enjoyed very welcome delicious hot chocolate drinks on a cold morning.  It is the last fuel stop travelling north, for 90kms.  Plenty of parking along the side of the road, or around the block to park behind.  A walk down Bakers Lane alongside the store, accesses the parking area and toilet facilities.  Call in to the General Store and see the original bakery oven on the back wall of the store.

Next stop: Sofala about 7kms further north of Wattle Flat, to find our next camp site.

We had planned to camp at Ration Point, about 3km out of Sofala on the Upper Turon Road, but despite our research, it was NOT a site for a big rig and so glad we didn’t try to go down the track in the dark the previous night.

IMG_0385 (3)
Turon River at Ration Point 

With the area not having had rain for at least six months, everything is so dry and the river is not flowing.  Good free camping location, but not for caravans or motor homes.

IMG_0383 (3)
The dry Turon River
IMG_0391 (3)
Another pool in the Turon River near Ration Point.

Further along the Upper Turon Road is Green Point, a very large open area for free camping,  drop toilets, seating and rubbish bins, and next to the Turon River.  Great spot, poor internet reception.

IMG_0399 (2)
Green Point, Sofala

Further scouting around and we found our spot, on the top of a hill where internet reception was good, at the end of a track downwards, off the road.  On three sides of our campsite were steep slopes down to the level of the Turon River.   Magnificent!

IMG_0434 (R)

Down ‘our hill’ past the 4WD track and there’s the dry Turon River looking more like a road.