Good Idea No. 3 – Know your RV

It’s been said before:  Know your vehicle, its accessories – how it all works.

We hadn’t used our diesel heater system for heating the interior of our motor home for nearly two years, other than to turn it on every now again to make sure all was okay.

Now for those who have not visited Australia and only know it to be a very sunny and hot country?  Not always so.  We found ourselves in zero and sub-zero nights, and our trusty heater system would run for a while and then turn off.

Check-list time.  Mike checked all air vents (in and out): clear;  fuses: all working;  no loose wires or switches.   And still it would run and then turn off after a while.

Several nights of this, and not being joyous at the prospect of further nights being so cold, Lee wanted ‘out’ and we went to Bathurst Showgrounds where we could camp for a reasonable price and use electricity.   We still had the reverse cycle air-conditioner that on power, could heat the interior.   Or so we thought.   It did not work if it was late at night when the temperature got to close to zero.   So we couldn’t rely on heating from around 10pm until the sun came up!

Lee says:   Since when does a unit that can heat, not operate because it’s too cold?

Mike says:  It’s mainly an air-conditioner, not normally used for full heating.  (Is he joking?)

But we’re okay now.

Lee moved the outer casing of the diesel heater outlet so that instead of pointing towards the floor, it points more upwards.  BINGO.  Score 1 for Lee!