05.05.2018 – My Sydney Birthday Dinner


When last in Perth, we had an impromptu gathering and celebrated my upcoming 60th birthday.  Fiona and Barry, very close friends, were away overseas and said they would fly to Sydney to take us out for dinner to celebrate belatedly.  So where?  That was to be a surprise.

And what a surprise it was!  We went to The Hyatt Regency for pre-dinner drinks.  Only on arrival, did I discover that two other couples also flew from Perth to Sydney to be there!  The four of us ‘girls’ have for years celebrated each of our birthdays together over dinner and they got together to organise how we would all be together for my 60th.  Following that, a fantastic dinner at “The Little Snail” together, and a great time with unbelievably wonderful friends.  I’m still in shock!

But there was more:  Fiona had gained access to our photos back in Perth and prepared a book for me (shock after shock):


Thank you Fiona – “My Bestie”.