15.04.2018 – Back Yamma State Forest

IMG_8416 (2)

Mike has been very patient while we went to the various historical places on “The Gold Trial” but he still wants to do some fossicking, so on leaving Forbes we travelled to Back Yamma State Forest.  It is known as a great destination for bike and motorbike enthusiasts.  It doesn’t appear to be a ‘working forest’ as the parts of the forest we saw, the trees weren’t in any rows or order.  Young trees sprouted all over the place.

IMG_0260 (2)


IMG_0263 (2)
One seriously twisted tree

The tracks are wide for the most part, but Mike did have a little difficulty whilst turning at one point, trying to reverse the motorhome with the Suzi still on the caddy.  Glad it was him and not me!

IMG_8418 (2)

Mike was encouraged with the knowledge that there once had been a gold mine in the forest, but alas, he only contributed to his growing pile of scrap metal and we were soon on the road again, to return to Penrith for work on Monday.    The scenery on the way back was awesome.

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