12-13.04.2018 – Yass, NSW

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Our first stop at Yass was the tourist bureau.  Over a short couple of days we managed to see quite a bit around the town, but really only scraped the surface.  We look forward to returning and staying longer.

We followed a pamphlet entitled the “Town Walk”, which set out various details of notable buildings in the town, mostly built in the 1800’s.  The buildings also had plaques identifying them with brief notes as well.   It was interesting not just to see them, but to read the purpose for which they were built.  A small sample of these buildings are pictured:

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On our heritage walk, we discovered a tree in the main street, favoured by a colony of fruit bats.

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Hanging by a foot
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Here’s looking at you!


Hardly a heritage site, but a visit to “Ross’s Relics” in the main street of Yass was a big surprise.  Never, ever, have we EVER seen such a large collection of second hand items.  Room, after room, after room, and then more, with items stacked upon each other and barely room to move! In amongst all the items were some treasures and items so unusual, we stopped to have a long look, like the chunky two door, tall cupboard made out of a length of a very wide tree trunk.

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Near the disused railway bridge, some old equipment:


Another surprise was “Tootsie” at the southern end of Yass town, a combined art and craft display and unique cafe.  At the back, an open outdoor area with mosaics on steps and walls, more art and sculptures.

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