12-13.04.2018 – Hamilton Hume and “Cooma Cottage” Yass, NSW

Hamilton Hume – First Australian born explorer.  He explored areas of New South Wales and Victoria, most famously, one expedition in 1824-1825 with Captain William Hovell from Sydney to Port Phillip and back, a distance of approx. 1,900 kms and taking 16 weeks.  The route taken in general is now the Hume Highway.  Reports on the expedition and the difficulties experienced by the explorers makes good reading.  The expedition proved fruitful for the future development of the two States, but was disastrous for the relationship between Hume and Hovell, and the ill-will continued between them until Hume’s death.  Hume later undertook further expeditions with another famous explorer, Charles Sturt. He was elected as a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society in approximately 1860 and became a magistrate, attending to his duties in Yass nearly up until his death in 1873.

In 1839 Hume purchased a “Cooma Cottage” in Yass, a small cottage on about 40 hectares of land.  We visited “Cooma Cottage”,  now in the hands of The National Trust, and were taken on an informative tour of the buildings.  What started as the front of the cottage, is now the back.  Additions to the cottage undertaken over the years by Hume turned the back of the cottage into an impressive ‘front’ view of his home with works building and stables close by.

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Hamilton Hume and his wife Elizabeth (nee Dight) were buried at Yass Cemetery.  A plaque has been erected outlining his important expeditions.  IMG_8245 (2)

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