10-11.04.2018 – Kingsbury VC Rest Area, Penrose State Forest

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We planned on our ‘test’ trip (making sure we are ready to travel more widely with our Suzuki in tow) to travel to Yass, New South Wales and then follow the “Gold Trail” through bushranger country through to Forbes, New South Wales, and for Mike to have some opportunities to fossick while I work.  Following our false start the previous day, we kept a close eye on Suzi via the rear camera – and other vehicles following us, pulling over to let faster traffic pass, where possible.

We travelled the Hume Highway, along part of the section known as “The Remembrance Drive”.   In 1954, Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Phillip each planted a tree in Macquarie Place, Sydney that marked the beginning of the Driveway.  Basically, The Remembrance Drive was created to honour those who served for Australia in World War II and since.  For more information:  Roads & Maritime Services NSW Link

Along The Remembrance Drive are a number of rest areas honouring Victoria Cross recipients.  We stopped at Kingsbury VC Rest Area at the corner of the Penrose State Forest, NSW, named to honour Private Bruce Steel Kingsbury VC.

Free camping at Belanglo, Penrose and Wingello State Forests is allowed, however camping is only permitted for a maximum duration of two weeks either at one, or in total, any of these three State Forests, within any period of three months.  (Forestry Corporation sign at Penrose State Forest.)   There are what they call “Windy Toilets”, a first for us: Clean and maintained environmental ‘drop’ toilets but the bowl in these Windy Toilets is positioned in a location to the side and ‘behind’ the door which is made from wire mesh, with space under the walls as well, with the idea being the wind will air out any smells.   Bad news however:  Lift that lid…..

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Kingsbury VC Rest Area
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Windy Toilets


We stayed two nights, enjoying the surrounds and walking through the forest.  One evening, around dusk, we spied some kangaroos.  Further down the track, three young kangaroos jumped into the bush from the track, and started ‘shaping up’ to each other, trying with their front paws to hit each other.  They kept at it for ages.

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