09.04.2018 – ROAD TRIP!

IMG_8153 (2)

After a lot of preparation to make sure everything is up to scratch, we are ready to leave Sydney RV Group in Penrith for our first expedition ever in a motorhome towing something.

We have done plenty of motorhome holidays over the years and never had any thought of towing a vehicle.  We have always been able to manage without and find parking spots for the motorhome at shops etc.  Mike even found parking in the city of Sydney on the street – paying for parking in two parking bays!  Okay, admittedly that was about 20 years ago.

Now we are planning to live indefinitely ‘on the road’ on a working holiday, Lee needs an office to continue her Monday-Friday legal typing and with enough area and comfort to also live.  The Suzuki gives us the freedom to go down tracks where Mike can go fossicking or drive to any work he may do.

Sydney RV Group do not specialise in caddies on which we were to tow the Suzuki, so Mike sought out assistance from an expert who came to view our equipment and sold us the tyre covering straps, and so we were ready to go.  Or so we thought.

As most people do, you learn a lot from experience.

Mike drove the motorhome out into the culdesac, started to reverse, and the strapping fell off the Suzuki’s wheels and luckily, Mike stopped driving in time before Suzi fell off the caddy.   Our thanks to Sydney RV Group service personnel who assisted us at this time.   Mike used some other new straps in the end, but our departure was stalled.

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