01.04.2018 – Easter Sunday

IMG_8087 (2)
Farewell to our family again after a great time together. 
(Dre wasn’t impressed)


How apt:  April Fool’s Day.  I made a mistake with our flights, not realising we would be flying back to Sydney on Easter Sunday after our brief stay at home in Perth.

Heard a joke about a dad who thought he would, Easter Sunday, tell his kids to go and see what the Easter Bunny left – when he didn’t hide any eggs.  Tickled my warped sense of humour.

We left home at 8am Easter Sunday and it was a long day to get back to Penrith via trains, planes and automobiles, over 4,000 kms and it was dark when we arrived at our motorhome.

The following week was spent with me working and Mike doing what he could and assisting others who were working on our motorhome, with maintenance and sprucing it up.