Melbourne Zoo

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Melbourne Zoo may not have hundreds of different animals, but what they do have appear to be well cared for and spacious confines.  Advertised throughout the zoo are programmes regarding conservation of species and breeding and how visitors to the zoo can learn about how to help, concentrating on teaching children.   The walks all through the zoo guide one through passages of intense growth of trees and vegetation, making it feel like you are walking through the jungles where these animals would normally live.  Butterfly house and aviary a treat.  My favourite has to be the meerkats who had several areas, each mob having a look-out while the others foraged.

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Some unusual flowers at the zoo, I have no idea what it is,  but these photos are of the same flower as it progresses:


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  1. The flowers look like something that should be living on the ocean floors. So pretty !Great photography of the ‘Sentries’. I love how they look out for each other. Great shots all round.

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