17-18.02.2018 Another weekend! I’m on the loose in Adelaide!

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While Mike worked the weekend at the Adelaide Let’s Go Caravan & Camping Show 2018, I was able to cut loose and visit old haunts from when we lived here 40 years ago.  And where to start?  Walking to nearby Rundle Mall where those silver balls still stand, I was pleased to see the retention of many of the older buildings that add some character to Adelaide.

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However, there also are modern and unusual buildings in abundance.  From our hotel window, we could see a building with irregular windows that during differing lights of the day and from the angle we were looking, resembled a bombed out building.  A closer inspection, and it is apparently a student accommodation block:

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I enjoyed visiting the Adelaide Art Gallery to see a wide range of art.  At the entrance, a 6 metre tall sculpture made from stainless steel by Linda Lee.  It is a representation of earth, the beginning of life, birth and renewal.  The surface is covered in a pattern of interconnecting concentric circles. It is a demonstration that well-being comes forth when both the individual and the power of interconnection are in balance.  It is stunning to look at and as pictured previously on this blog, at night is lit from within.

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In amongst many interesting exhibits at the Art Gallery I came across two pieces that were of similar theme, that were disturbing but held my attention as I thought about the artist’s intent.  I failed to see any information about them, but it appeared to me, that they may have been a physical, visible exposé of Nazi concentration camps, the treatment of and experimentation on Jews, and an historical incorrect uprising against the Nazi’s by the Jews,  (although the naked figures hardly looked like they were starved).  There were hundreds of figures in the exhibit and many elements of what one remembers of the death camps:  trains, cars, fences, huts, bodies buried on top of each other and of course, plenty of soldiers.  Overall, a dark and dismal exhibition both literally and figuratively.  The only colour (apart from the bloodied bodies and parts) existed in a playground – What Ronald McDonald & Co. had to do with it is anybody’s guess.  Perhaps representing that life went on for German people beyond the camps?

Below, just one small part of one of the two large art pieces.  Certainly thought provoking.

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But on with the experiences of Adelaide and to brighter, more pleasant experiences!

Adelaide City has many side street/lanes dedicated to outdoor dining near our hotel.  Street art is promoted.  There seems to be more statues along North Terrace than I remember.  “Popeye” still ferries people along the Torrens River.  Love locks could probably endanger the bridge over the Torrens River, as happened in Paris and explains the new love sculpture nearby.

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And to finish, my visit to Adelaide isn’t complete without a stroll through the Adelaide Botanic Gardens and another mix of old and new buildings and gardens.  As I strolled along a pathway through one of the gardens I happened upon a wallet and cards strewn on the ground of a secondary student.  No money.  The Botanic Gardens staff will contact his school – being a weekend I couldn’t get an answer and will be in Melbourne when the school opens.  Hope the student wasn’t attacked and hurt.

A sculpture over a pond feature, near the Bicentennial Conservatory, caught my attention.  Unfortunately, I could not take a photo of it in a good light.  It represented a curling wave and was made from glass plates, of differing shapes and sizes and layered.  With the layers of the glass all together, and perhaps reflection of the water and nearby green plants, the sculpture took on the appearance of a blue/green wave of differing intensity.  I really liked it, as did many others trying to take photos of it.

I always enjoy my time spent at the Adelaide Botanic Gardens.  Well worth the visit, and the photos are but just a snippet of what is there.

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And for the florally inclined……  some of the Adelaide Botanic Garden’s Dahlias:


Farewell for now, Adelaide!

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