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It is going to take a bit of getting used to working the way I am!

Mike and I saw the sun rise as we drove (pulling a caravan) to the Newcastle Show on 7th February.  There, I set up office in a ‘show’ motorhome while Mike returned to Penrith to collect the next caravan.   Once our hotel room was available, I transferred the office there and got comfortable for working the rest of the week.  Mike is working at the Newcastle Show when it opens on 8th February, until Sunday.  Anyone care to go and see him at the Show?  Have a look at the new page on Australia Our Way:- Show Dates.

During a walk in the evening in West Newcastle, we happened upon some ‘displaced’ magpies, looking a bit annoyed that hundreds of rosellas had taken over ‘their’ roadside trees.  The rosellas were so noisy and as we stood watching, more and more kept flying into the trees.  No wonder a flock of parrots is also known as a ‘pandemonium’!

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