30.01.2018 Sale – Tostaree Cottages & Tavern

From relentless heat, to non-stop rain.  Grateful to be free of the awful heat, but now we are camped in muddy lawn.  Not complaining mind, the area needs the rain as can be seen by the pools of rain that aren’t penetrating the very dry ground.  Poor Mike having to do all the ‘outside’ jobs, got a bit wet.


With it still raining, it was a good opportunity to go inside and visit the Sale Info Centre and Art Gallery.  Staff at the Info Centre were very helpful and we were glad we took the time to view the Art Gallery.   We were in awe of the exhibition of the works of Annemieke Mein.  This artist compiles drawings and then turns them into sewn works of art.  Wondrous and beautiful.  Very detailed work and various materials sewn to reproduce birds feeding their offspring in amongst gum trees, as well as various pictures of flowers, fish and more birds.  She is extremely talented.

The Art Gallery is near the Port of Sale.  In 1886-1888, a 2.5 km long Sale Canal was cut to link Sale to the Thomson River for shipping.  Now, it looks like it is more for pleasure boats.

IMG_7418 (2)


IMG_7422 (2)

Keeping an eye on the ipad as we drove in case work arrived, we travelled to our next camp site, an RV Friendly spot at Tostaree Cottages & Tavern, $20 per night, no power.  We drove down a very wide entrance without any trees to dodge, to a good camping spot with views of farmland and trees.  Our host, Greg, came around to let us know he had lit the fire in the tavern and invited us up for “Happy Hour”.  Once I had finished my day’s work, we joined him at his tavern where other campers were.  We enjoyed looking at the historical photos, having a drink with him and the social atmosphere.  We recommend staying at Tostaree Cottages if you are in the area.