29.01.2018 Sale, Victoria

Leaving Phillip Island, we arrived at the RV Friendly Town of Sale.

We parked near the shopping centre and went to Woolworths to top up the groceries.  Towards the end of our shopping there, Mike went ahead with the trolley towards the ice cream freezer whilst I trailed behind.   Mike didn’t see a large patch of water in front of some freezers to the left of the passageway when he walked through the middle of the passageway.  I didn’t see it either, when I walked to the left side of the passageway.  Mike turned around when he heard a large “smacking” noise as I hit the floor.  My foot went on the water and over I had gone, knee and arm hurt, and ended up on my side, in the large pool of water.

So that’s three times I’ve fallen this year and no more!   My arm was very sore and knee slightly, but again, nothing broken but my pride.  Pleased to report there were half a dozen strangers who came to my aid, concerned about me lying on the floor, offering assistance.  Of course, notice completed with the Manager, just in case.  Bet he had a laugh at the CCTV that would have recorded my fall.

We then camped at the Sale Showgrounds in the RV area in time to set the computer up for work.  Cheap with power and amenities for $22 per night.

Fiona and Barry dropped in to say farewell for now.  They have their own plans now on travelling that don’t match with ours for a while.  It has been great having them along (for most of our travelling to date) to share the experiences.  We will no doubt hook up again later in the year.

The weather over the last week has been very hot and this day was no exception.  I don’t know whether it was the heat or my fall, but I did not feel well and rested the rest of the day, with thankfully, very little work coming in via email for me to do.



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  1. Thanks Silvina. Much better today. Weather cool and not aching so much. Cheers, Lee

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