26.01.2018 – Australia Day!

Despite all the controversy existing about Australia Day on 26 January, we welcome the opportunity for everyone to celebrate how great this wonderful country is, no matter what kind of Australian you are.  This day should mark the unity of all Australians acknowledging Australia’s past and actively making Australia a better place for the future.

There was some racing today and we took our time walking around the pits area.  Teams present from Western Australia – Go Sandgropers! – and Australia, as well as from New Zealand, USA, UK.  Huge representation of motorbikes and sidecars for the racing as well as all the spectators’ motorbikes.

IMG_1332 (2)
They’re off and racing!


IMG_1322 (2)
One of the motorbike parking areas


IMG_1888 (2)


Meet Robbo, a lovely old boy who loves company:  IMG_1365 (2)IMG_1360 (2)

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I was taking photos of Robbo and ‘conversing’ with him.  I stepped backwards to take a photo and overbalanced, falling flat on my back.  Again, another scrape, this time an elbow, and only thing broken my pride.  I looked up and took a photo of Robbo’s reaction:

IMG_1368 (2)
When I fell, Robbo went to the ground and started dancing. I know just what he was thinking: Again Lee, again!