21-24.01.2018 – Mornington Peninsula

21 January:  “Chill Day” – a drive around Mornington, a bit of shopping, and setting up motorhome for work on Monday.   Located someone to fix my camera which packed in yesterday and it needed a good service as well.  Part of maintenance on the road you expect, just like at home.

We joined up again with our friends, Fiona and Barry who are staying at same caravan park and “chilled”.  Also we met our ‘neighbours across the road’, from Bridgetown, WA.   Our own little WA corner of the park.

The fabulous Mornington Peninsula!  We need to come back and spend some more time here when work doesn’t get in the way.  It was fortunate that we were able in the evenings, to catch up with extended family and friends living in the area whom we had not seen for a long time.  Our travelling companions, Fiona and Barry, rejoined us to camp at Mornington Gardens Holiday Park.  The park was central to where we wanted to spend time and the facilities available to us were more than we required and very clean.  Lots of birdlife in and around the park and grassed sites with hedges and bushes separating each site, making sitting out of the motorhome very pleasing.

Note to self:  At night, take a torch with you and do not rely on the park lighting.  One night I did not the speed bump nearest our site.  I should have remembered it was there, but tripped over it as I was walking quickly back to the motorhome.  I landed flat on my belly (the padding probably saved me from further injury) with hands outstretched on the bitumen and skinned my palm.   Silly me.  Only thing broken was my pride.

We took a short walk to the bus stop early on Wednesday into Mornington to visit the weekly markets along Main Street before I had to start work.  These markets have been every Wednesday for over 30 years – the longest running street market in Victoria, which started in 1983.  There were a great variety of stalls of fresh produce; bread, cakes and other food; crafts; paintings; clothes – everything you could imagine.   There is so much more to see and do on the Peninsula.  Definitely worth spending time here.

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