18.01.2018 – Paddys Ranges to Yellingbo

Farewelling our fellow travellers, we attempted to drive as far as we could before my Perth work hours kicked in.

We were dismayed to find that Ballarat was not RV friendly – at all.  I had ordered a new battery for my camera from a store in Ballarat and wanted to do some grocery shopping, however we drove around the streets attempting to find parking.  We have never experienced this level of trouble in all the years of travelling in motorhomes.  Most parking was bumper to kerb parking and even when we attempted to see if the motorhome would fit in a particularly long section of parking, we were immediately told by a Victoria Roads officer that we could not park there (something we had just worked out ourselves) and that it was lucky we were still in the vehicle or he would have had it towed away.  We did advise him that we had thought to park parallel to the road across 5 parking bays, but we thought that would have brought us a fine – which he confirmed.  When asked where we could go to park, the officer said he had no idea.

So having wasted so much time driving around, Mike drove past the store and I got out, then hastily jumped back in as he came back after a lap of the block.   We eventually found a supermarket with open parking and were able to park there, but it was an effort.

We continued on our journey to our campsite at Yellingbo, stopping along the way as work arrived for me to do by email.

That evening we caught up with a lovely couple, Jane and Max, we had met when we went on a cruise in Europe last year.  They welcomed us into their home for a great meal and evening. Max (and Jane) has been hoping Mike would find some gold and showed Mike an old matchbox.  Mike opened it and inside, some ‘gold’ nuggets.  We all had a good laugh when Max revealed the effort he went to in melting some lead and fashioning the nuggets by dropping the metal into water and then painting them.  The old match box he found added to the mystery.  Good one, Max!

IMG_7209 (2)

A short drive and we were back at our campsite, interrupting two wombats enjoying a feed of the grass.


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  1. How will we ever believe your ‘catch’ Mike should you happen across the real stuff.

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