15.01.2018 – Day 1, Paddys Ranges

Following all the preparations from yesterday,  Mike set off with high expectations and a bucket load of positivity.   I set up my office on a narrow bush track off Possum Gully Track and awaited news on the walkie-talkie.

Paddys Ranges State Park is named after ‘Paddy’, a miner thought to have roamed the area in the 1800’s.   Throughout the areas we have explored are many mounds and dug away areas evidencing the mining from years ago.

Near our campsite, along Martins Road was the remains of a small cottage built with hand made bricks and next to some ‘diggings’.

We have missed the season of wildflowers that Paddys Ranges State Park is apparently famous for.  Just some yellow everlastings left here and there.  The ground is mostly gravelly clay and very dry, with dry leaves and branches across the floor of the forest.  The dry matter crunches under-foot regardless of where we walk, hopefully warning any snakes in advance, of our approach.

The trees here are very tall box, ironbark and gum-barked eucalypts.  Together with the undergrowth, the vegetation provides a good area for birds and smaller animals that are endangered, such as we are told, the Brush-tailed Phascogale or Tuan.  From the picture of it, looks like a mouse with a squirrel’s tail.

It was a very long day.  No gold – but not for want of trying!

The bush office
IMG_7143 (2)
If this is on Martins Road, could this have been Martins’ house?
IMG_7145 (2)
And Martins’ mine?


Day 1 Results – A fish hook? Where’s the water?