14.01.18 – In search of Gold!

We awoke on a chilly morning, to the very noisy Corellas jostling for their positions high in the tree tops to greet the rising sun.  Pink & Grey Galahs were flying around too, feasting on seeds by the road and flying into the air with every passing vehicle and protesting loudly.

Today was reconnaissance mission day.  Mike has his new Victorian Mine’s Right Licence.  We travelled back roads and tracks in and around Paddys Ranges State Park where in some sections, prospecting is allowed and checking to see I could get an internet signal with the antenna, allowing me to work while Mike fossicked.  Tentatively, we drove down tracks through forests (with 9.5 metres of motorhome – have to be careful!) and located the campsite within Paddys RSP.  Maneuvering the motorhome around the campsite near a clearing in the forest, Mike was able to find one place where we had a reasonable signal for the internet, but no mobile phone reception.

Having found places that met our requirements, we took the short drive to Maryborough, where we parked within the grounds of Princes Park, next to Lake Victoria for a very late lunch.  We were surprised by the many examples of historic buildings (beautifully maintained) in Maryborough and the impressive sports grounds at Princes Park.

At our campsite that night, another prospector arrived and told Mike stories of where he had found gold in the area and giving him some tips on the area that Mike had marked out earlier in the day.  Will Mike find gold?  He’s got three full days here to try.  Stay tuned!


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