Australia Our Way

Australia Our Way (2019)

2018 has been an interesting year for us, learning as we go about how to work and travel simultaneously and living almost permanently in our motorhome. Have we enjoyed it? Enough to set off from home again on 30.December 2018 for another year! 

Mike will this year again be working at Caravan & Camping Shows around Australia which will determine for much of the time, where we travel. However in between, we will be attempting to travel new roads and see new places, or spend more time in places where we could only pass through in 2018.

Hope we meet you ‘on the road’ and safe travelling to all.

Mike & Lee

Australia Our Way (2018)

Welcome as we travel Australia – our way.

This web site is not intended to advise anyone on how to travel or where to go.  Our on-line diary is going to be of our own personal trip, that will not be duplicated by anyone else.  However, along the way there may be items that strike a chord or two with you that might inform, entertain, or inspire you to travel – your way.

In the meantime, come along with us when we set off on a new adventure, in a new year, and may 2018 be a great year for all.

Safe travels!

Mike & Lee Humble

**Postscript: The views expressed on this web site are based on our own experience and we do not solicit nor receive, discounts or benefits from businesses we write about.